Making reality together Alexia Kyriakopoulos & Velvet Datsopoulou

Velvet Datsopoulou

Alexia Kyriakopoulos is a film director who has experience in so many creative disciplines that we have trouble labeling her with just one title of film director. However, for the purposes and length of this particular space, we will settle for her being just a film director. Her most recent and perhaps most personal film to date is called Sygnomi. It is an interactive VR (virtual reality) experience that explores the memories of a victim of domestic abuse.

The film was produced by Velvet Datsopoulou an equally talented cinematographer who has worked with big production names in the industry like David Lynch, Bernardo Bertolucci, and Richard Linklater, in the acclaimed film documentary “Great Directors” which was selected for Cannes Film Festival in 2012.

Alexia Kyriakopoulos

Velvet brought the poetic dialogues and visualization to the story. “Signomi” attempts to explain and educate the audience about the depth and complexities of domestic abuse. Alexia realized, through her personal experience, that there is a huge gap between the reality of abuse and people’s actual perceptions of it. The film takes the audience on a virtual reality journey by telling the story of a once loving couple whose relationship has descended into an abyss filled with violence and abuse.

Sygnomi is based on Alexia’s personal experience of abuse in her own life and also from the stories that came out of the many interviews she did with domestic abuse victims. Her aim with this film was not to duplicate the violent abuse as seen in many other films but to concentrate and focus on how the violence looks from the inside of a victim.