Linda Grasso: Quadruple Threat

The Amazing Linda Grasso

Linda Grasso is an unconventional actor. With a quirky style, she is a chameleon, able to fit into a myriad of roles. Those traits are faithfully applied to Linda’s career – much a renegade working to blaze her own road the way Sylvester Stallone wrote his own ticket to success. As a writer, producer, director, and lead actress, Linda is a quadruple threat, featuring her talents in three award winning productions. ‘Stretching The Friendship’, ‘Wishful Thinking’, and ‘My Two Lives’, were critically acclaimed.

‘Stretching The Friendship’, written and produced by, and starring Linda, tells the story of room mates whose identities gradually become intertwined. The film was recognized as a Semi-Finalist at the NAFA Show Fest. Linda wrote, produced and starred in the film ‘Wishful Thinking’. Linda portrays the lead role of a receptionist whose quest for a perfect life turns her world inside out. The film won First Prize for Best Short Film at The Penrith Valley Video Festival, was First Place in the short film category and an overall Finalist at The Show Biz Festival. It was also Semi-Finalist in NexTV Entertainment’s Web Series and Indie Film competition.  At the Metroscreen’s Kaleidoscope Film Festival, the film placed as a Semi-Finalist.

‘My Two Lives’, was written, directed and produced by, and stars Linda in the lead role. In the film, Angie (Linda Grasso) suffers from an identity crisis because of her hair. ‘My Two Lives’ was placed as a Finalist at The New Hope Festival. The film won People’s Choice Award at Harold’s Shorts Film Festival, and was nominated For Best Writer at ISFMA Festival. Most recently, Linda Grasso wrote and directed the Australian short-comedy, ‘Jan Of All Trades’. The film features Jan, an actor constantly side-tracked into different, crummy jobs.  It was a semi-finalist in the NexTV Entertainment competition being in the top ten percent of approximately eight hundred US and international entries. ‘Jan Of All Trades’ is available on Amazon Prime’s – Prime Video Direct.