The Incredible Resume’ of Artist Supervisor Luana Quaglia

The Busy Life Of International Artist Supervisor Luana Quaglia (middle).

Luana Quaglia is one busy girl! One minute she is working with Rihanna, the next minute supervising Beyonce’ for her international tours. The question is, what does this Artist Supervisor like to do in her down time? We recently spoke to her, to find out!

What are you currently working on?

I am currently managing the international area for the festival VillaMix in Brazil. I take care of the whole hospitality for the international artists and also supervise everything that the artist needs.

What have you learned the most about being in this industry? Did you ever dream that you would be an artist supervisor for people like Beyonce’, Rihanna etc? What was your first reaction when you found out you would be working on Rock in Rio?

It was always a dream, but when it came true, I was so thankful and happy. No words can even express how I felt.

Have you ever had days where you have felt so much pressure that you couldn’t do it anymore? How do you handle such a huge job?

Never! I never give up, I feel sooooo tired sometimes, but then I try to take care of my health, I pray a lot too. It’s also luck, because in the end, everything works out well in the end.

So your job is to be responsible for events and different artists coming to Brazil right?


What was your first big job? Were you nervous?

I think being nervous shows that you have respect for what are doing. I always get anxious on all the jobs that I do. My first big job was for the Lollapalooza Festival in Brazil. I was supervising the VIP area.

How is the entertainment industry in Brazil? Is it similar to America?

The entertainment industry here is very impressive, we have a lot of international concerts during the year -but it can never compare to America!

What do you like to do in your down time?

I love to exercise, go to the gym:  I love boxing, nature, waterfalls, traveling In general.  I’m basically very chill!