Alfredo Marasco Brings His World Class Guitar Skills To Ex-Toto Lead Singer Jean Michael Byron’s Band

Exceptional musician Alfredo Marasco (right) on guitar.

In the tough world of the music business, the journey of determination and dedication, makes it all worth it for people like Alfredo Marasco. This world renowned musician’s life has been full of incredible opportunities and experiences working with some of the biggest stars in the world.

Italian guitarist Alfredo Marasco received a phone call from an associate director of the Salento International Film Festival in Italy who informed him that the ex-lead singer of Toto Jean-Michael Byron was one of the guests at the gala -and they were looking for professional musicians to accompany him at his concert for the opening of the festival. As this was Jean’s first concert in Italy, he was cautious of who was coming to share the stage with him, until he saw the work of Alfredo Marasco.

Needless to say, during the audition process they struck up a close bond where they would later share the stage on an additional tour that followed, for Jean Michael Byron. In a recent interview Alfredo Marasco shared his experiences of auditioning for Jean Michael Byron and the preparations he took to be ready for the audition. When meeting Jean for the first time, Alfredo recalls him being very stern, yet sure of the vision he had for his prospective musicians. He mentions how had to go back in time to the 90s archives of Jean’s work with Toto to ensure he was completely familiar with his work and was able to play whatever Jean asked him to play at the audition, which he did. Alfredo recalls it being one of the hardest auditions he had ever done, but it all paid off for him in the end.

After Jean Michael Byron chose Alfredo as part of his band for the festival, he then asked him to join him for a mini-tour which took them to major cities such as Rome and Milan. He also mentions how the experience was a lot of fun for both of them and he also got to spend a couple of weeks in the studio to record Jean’s material -which gave him an opportunity to arrange and compose parts of his songs.

A dream come true for any musician, right? Well this Is just the beginning for Alfredo Marasco! With a resume like this, there is no limit to the amazing things he will continue to accomplish throughout his career. We can’t wait to see what he does next!