The Exceptional Skills of Makeup Artist Raquel Reis

If you meet enough people in your lifetime you come to realize that the movie business too many of them is like a dream. It’s a dream in the sense that if they had the opportunity to be a part of it most of them would jump at the chance. On the other hand, if you go to film school, you would be right in saying that pretty much all the students in that field of study definitely want to get into the industry and most of them, if not all of them, intend to work on films for the rest of their lives. Why is it then, that only a handful of film students and a very small percentage of the population in general are able to actually make a living in the film business? Good question!

It’s the same with actors and cinematographers and makeup artists – why do only a very few of them make it? We’ve discovered that if you take a close look at the best actors, the best cinematographers and the best make-up artists (and any other people in the movies, such as directors and producers, etc.) you will find a common thread that bonds them together. That thread is very simple – they simply wanted it more than anybody else so they took the time to become experts in their particular discipline. Raquel Dos Reis, the Brazilian make-up artist, is a prime example of this. She has always been absorbed with colors and makeup since she was a child. When she was five years-old she experimented with red lipstick and baby power to transform her little self into a vampire. Apparently, her mother was quite impressed.

She also loved other art forms such as ballet and jazz dancing and she performed in shows up until the age of 17. She would also volunteer to do the other dancers’ makeup since there was usually no make-up artist on duty. She broke away from the arts for a few years to get a degree in psychology although during her summer break she would take makeup classes. After that she moved to California to study makeup full time at Gorgeous Academy in Los Angeles. Since then she has worked steadily in films, TV, commercials and music videos making the already beautiful into even more exquisite looking creatures.

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