YahYah AKA Holly Cameron -Music & Melody

Singer/songwriter, Holly Cameron is known by her performer name YahYah. Classically trained in musical instruments, performance, and songwriting, she has both written and released her own music as well as written songs for a number of acclaimed musical artists. As a songwriter, Holly has collaborated with a number of famous Grammy award-winning industry pros, including: Anita McCloud (Usher, TLC), Pam Sheyne, (Christina Aguilera), and Josh Valle (Justin Bieber, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz and SIA).

Born in New Zealand, Holly moved to the UK with her family. Growing up, she learned to play piano, guitar, flute, and bass guitar. Holly earned a vocal diploma from Tech Music Schools in London and studied songwriting skills – taking an intensive songwriting course at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. From 2012 -2014, Holly performed for the Hillsong Conference and Hillsong Carols – singing lead roles at the 02 Arena and Wembley Arena -London’s most prestigious concert venues.

In 2015, Holly Cameron wrote and independently released her debut EP, ‘Unleash the Panda’, which debuted on the UK pop charts at #30. After signing with Genuine Music Group – Pendustry, Holly’s songwriting career blossomed with collaborations with celebrated artists like Usher, Christina Aguilera, Justin Bieber, Kendrick Lamar, SIA, and Mason Musso of Metro Station. Described as “a gifted lyricist with an exceptional ear for both music and melody” by her peers, Holly is recognized as an asset to any writing session. As stated by name, “She not only brings fresh ideas but an energy to the room that can only be described as electric.”

In 2017, Holly co-wrote and released three hit songs for artists, including: Chantelle Paige’s Summer High’, Bailey Baum’s ‘EZ’, and Corbette Jackson’s ‘Open Door’. ‘Open Door’ charted at #27 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary Chart. The songs enjoyed over a quarter of a million plays on Spotify, and over a million views on YouTube. Building on such success, in 2018, Holly Cameron wrote the hit single ‘Two Hands’ for Nashville-based music artist, DAANI, which garnered worldwide recognition. With a growing list of top-charting credits, Holly Cameron’s gifts as a singer/songwriter are in high demand.