Nishit Kamath: An Exceptional Designer

Nishit Kamath is a multi-disciplinary designer specializing in transportation systems and design, with over ten years international experience in industrial and product design. Nishit is the co-founder and lead designer of PrintWithin.Born in Mumbai, India, Nishit is fondly known as “Nish”. Since the age of five, automobiles have been a passion, through childhood, and inspiring his career to this day.

While living with his family in Bangkok, Thailand, Nishit’s father was employed at General Motors – further evidence that he was destined to be tied to automobiles. Over there, he followed his passion and pursued product design at Raffles College of Design and Commerce. Nishit is a pioneer, among the very first few to be chosen for the pilot version of a new program; Transportation Systems and Design at the ArtCenter College of Design, in Pasadena, California. Nishit studied urban planning, human behavior, identifying future directions in human technology, customer experience and strategy, and vehicle packaging.

In 2017, Nishit founded the company, PrintWithin, a 24/7-3D printing service and design consultancy. Partnering with business partner and now good friend, Muireadhach Currie, PrintWithin provides high quality prints at affordable prices. “We had a mutual dream of being our own bosses and tackling the world of 3D printing.”

Nishit values design as a vehicle to solve problems and addressing challenges. As a designer, he feels a sense of purpose. “Solving problems and easing pain, inconveniences, and discomfort, matters.” Nishit Kamath is driven towards the betterment of society. With PrintWithin, he plans on contributing scales of grandiosity – mentoring students and prospective designers in this area of work and helping them to see the purpose and importance of their positions.