Martin Asselin: The Processing of a Filmmaker.

Martin Asselin is a Canadian – born editor, living in Los Angeles and influencing filmmaking across the spectrum of music videos, documentaries, feature-length productions, and award-winning short films. At a young age, Martin discovered his passion for the arts. Growing up in Montreal, Martin enjoyed writing, which led him to study International literature in college. A passion for photography –  portraits, landscapes and wildlife inspired a career in filmmaking.

Martin is professionally trained, graduating from the New York Film Academy in Burbank, CA. His craft includes skills in: Final Cut Pro (7, X), Premiere Pro, Productivity Suites Photoshop, Motion, Final Draft, Movie Magic, AVID Media Composer, Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, RED Cameras, Panavision 35mm Camera, Arriflex 16mm Camera, BlackMagic Cameras, and Canon 5D.

Martin is a celebrated editor. His achievements include editing interviews for The 60th Monterey Jazz Festival in 2017, featuring Quincy Jones and Clint Eastwood. In 2017, Martin edited the feature-length documentary film ‘Visible’, that was recognized at The Mix Copenhagen LGBT Film Festival and The Queer Kampala International Film Festival.

Martin was nominated for Best Editing at the 48 Hour Film Project, for his work on two films: ‘Ofelia’, and ‘Defining Moment’. With fourteen nominations, ‘Ofelia’ was awarded Best Film Audience Award. In 2015, Martin edited ‘Red Velvet’. The film was awarded winner – Best Short – Independent Horror Movie Awards, and in 2017, edited, ‘I Am Erica’, nominated for Best International Short Film – LA Brazilian Film Festival.

Martin Asselin’s craft is featured in nominated and award-winning films at national and international festivals, including the renowned Cannes Festival.