Inside The World Of Beautiful And Talented Peruvian Actress Paloma Fevi

Actress Paloma Fevi For Stella Rose Wines

If all the women in Peru are as talented and beautiful as Paloma Fevi then we hope they all come up here to earn a Fine Arts degree at the famous New York Film Academy. We also hope they stick around and establish themselves as professional actresses just the way Paloma has done. She has performed in commercials, music videos and films including Netflix’s Drug Lords and the feature-length motion picture Cuchillos en el Cielo.

Watching her in character we immediately latched on to her emotionally. She had us from the get go. It was as if she snuck up on us, grabbed us by the ear and pulled us into her heart and her soul. We haven’t seen this kind of reality in acting for quite some time and we can’t even think of the last person who made us feel as though we struck gold. She made us smile – we almost laughed with pleasure. Not because the scene was funny but because here was an actress who was and is far, far ahead of all of her peers.

Are we laying it on too thick? Absolutely NOT! It would be easy to write a good review of any actor – all you have to do is really look closely and find something good to say about his or her performance. A great review is a little more difficult, especially if you can’t find any fault with the performance. Her performances, however, like the parts she had in the plays God of Carnage, The Cherry Orchard, Children’s Hour and among others, I Hate Hamlet, deserve descriptions like transcendent and unparalleled. She’s not like any other actor she tries to have empathy and compassion for the characters she builds, which turnout to be masterpieces.

Her performances in films such as, Itch, Absent, Go, Just in Case and The Crucifix all demonstrate her professionalism and her ability to maintain a high degree of concentration and focus on her role. Paloma has also appeared in commercials such as, ROC 360 Headphones by Cristiano Ronaldo (the famed Portuguese footballer). She was also featured in commercials by Herklin shampoo, Stella Rose Wines and Skin Up Skincare.