Camilo Cornejo: The Power of Art

From a young age, Camilo Cornejo saw art as a way to express his thoughts. This passion began his journey to becoming a leading graphic artist and multi-disciplinary designer. Colors and shapes was his way of communicating philosophical and creative ideas. In secondary school, techniques in watercolor was the gateway to private illustration

classes. Camilo’s wonder for the arts was inspired by reading about Latin American literary giants, Gabriel Garcia Marques and Alejo Carpentier. The mid-twentieth century movement included fantastic elements in narration. “This gave me the starting point to show that reality that can be profound in content and rich in artistic expressions.”

These artists taught Camilo how to take the art out of museums and put it in favor of the minorities and the youth and the ability of art to integrate the signing of the peace agreement between the Colombian guerrilla and the government, and  to the process of forgiveness for the massacre of their family and loved ones the invitation to reconciliation. “The power of art in local contexts or environments reduces what is magical realism and what is street life.”

Camilo Cornejo was is classically trained. He holds a graphic design degree from The Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogotá, and a specialization in design management. Studying in the United States, Camilo earned a degree in social media marketing from San Francisco State University. In Canada, Camilo studied photography and performed several illustration technique workshops.

Camilo used his extensive training and his studies in design and  historical artisan processes of pre-Columbian art as a starting point to combat social problems and create solutions. “In art this is called catharsis, in design that is called function, at the moment of truth the two are the same, are the needs to be heard.”

Ideally, Camilo aspires to unite art and design, with a particular interest in the film industry from the field of artistic direction. “It gives me the dream space to apply my illustrative, artistic, design and semiotics capacities, all in the same project, that is what I call holistic.”

Currently, Camilo is the artistic coordinator for both The Soto Aparicio Gallery producing short films, and with UNITEC, Camilo is an artistic director for seven short films that will participate in Cannes Film Festival in 2019. In 2017, two short films were nominated for Cannes, in association with Tunjo and Frecuencia 4-22.

Camilo Cornejo has pursued his journey in the arts to influence others as he himself has been inspired. I am looking for, in those projects, a conceptual growth and new semantic and professional challenges”