Hairstylist And Colorist Vanessa Van Krieken Talks Trends Style And Color

Vanessa Van Krieken

Hi Vanessa, since we last spoke to you, you have been super busy with your clients. What are some of the latest styles/trends you have recently added to your book?

The highlight is definitely back, but now it’s all about the soft natural blend at the root known as shadow rooting. It is still framed around the face and not schematically placed.

What do you feel is one of the most popular styles/colors at the moment and why?

It’s all about adding some dimension whether you have light or dark hair.

Do you think that colors happen to change for a lot of your clients depending on the season/weather?

Yes! Seems like everyone wants to be lighter come spring and darker come fall. Not all, but very common.

You are also a new mother to a gorgeous little girl. Is she already starting to pick up some of your habits like your love for hair and makeup?

She is not a fan of me touching her hair yet, but I’ll be damned if I let her leave the house without her hair done haha!

What is something you would really love to master that you haven’t yet done, in regards to hair?

I’d like to get into education one day soon.

What is your personal favorite color and style on yourself? Do you like to stay with the same tones or do you like to experiment?

I’m addicted to being blonde and I’m actually really into the cool tones right now. I never really do anything too crazy because I feel like it just looks best blonde.

What are some of your best tips for healthy hair?

Vitamins, water, good products, heat protection and hair masks!