French Art Director and Graphic Designer Ludovic Nortier


Art Director Ludovic Nortier

Some people think in numbers and others think in colors and images. Accountants (not that there is anything wrong with being an accountant) are people who necessarily think in terms of numbers while graphic designers, photographers and art directors have to think in colors and beautiful forms. Ludovic Nortier, the French art director and graphic designer, would be the first to admit that his mind is concerned with aesthetics and new artistic images are constantly flowing through his frontal cortex looking for some way to express themselves in his work.

Ludovic’s work, of course is bringing visions of products and concepts of say, large corporations, to life. He shoots advertising campaigns for well-known ad companies and the products he gives life to are international ones such as Coca Cola, Diesel (watches), Lancome, Disney, Ralph Lauren, Zodiac, Michele, L ‘Oreal, and Heineken, to name but a few. His ideas and concepts are always taken seriously because the people in charge know that “Frenchie” always comes through with some of the most memorable visual campaigns in the advertising world.

He moved to Los Angeles three years ago because Southern California has everything one needs to be a successful photographer: plenty of sun, beautiful people and models and great scenery. Even though it wasn’t easy for Frenchie to leave his beloved Paris, he has met some amazing friends along the way, which makes L.A. feel like a second home. Besides all the commercials and print ads that he has been a part of Ludovic is also branching out into cinema. He has been working on his first film and will write it, photograph it and direct it when it moves out of pre-production.

Ludovic’s advertising work, should we really call it work or is it a pleasure for him to get up each and every morning to create these fabulous images? We think it’s the latter. Anyway, as we were saying, his advertising work allows him to be fully creative a hundred percent of the time. Ludovic sees all the possibilities for a campaign and then he simply jumps in and accomplishes it. He can turn a simple watch into a masterpiece with his camera and then he takes that image and builds on it until it is some incredible futuristic timepiece that the viewer just must have on his or her wrist. His images create and increase sales for companies and that is why he is in such high demand.