Filmmaker Raghu Gudiveti AKA Raghavendra Gudiveti

If you’ve ever been in an editing room or bay as they are called by the pros, then you realize that it’s one of the last steps in putting a movie, web series or TV show together. This is where the story gets put together in the order that the director and producers and writer envisioned it. The editing bay is also the place that can be quite confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing as the editor.

We had a chance to speak with a highly trained and motivated editor at his Hollywood editing bay. Raghu Gudiveti AKA Raghavendra Gudiveti from Hyderabad, India, has been passionate about films and Television since he was a young boy in India. Although he initially went to school and received a Bachelor’s degree in communications and Engineering, he soon realized that he needed to follow his heart and immerse himself in filmmaking, which is exactly what he did.

He jumped on a jet plane and flew 8,700 miles to Tinsel town, AKA Hollywood, and enrolled in the legendary New York Film School. He studied all things film and TV there and earned himself a Master’s degree (with honors) in Film and Media. After he got out of New York film Academy He directed and edited 5 short films, one of which was selected to be shown at the Los Angeles Cinema Awards, where it won The Best Short Film Prize. Not bad for a guy who just flew in from India.

We saw a couple of his award-winning short films, Alive and Attitude, both of which had been put together masterly. The editing and directing brought clarity to the great stories and they both looked extremely professional. We loved Alive because the story moved along so briskly and its thoughtful moments lingered just long enough to give us a break and set a new pace. Raghu edited both of those films, which let us know that he is not only passionate about movies but also that he pays attention to the craft of his work. That is, He is a master of timing. Each cut has a meaning and gives meaning to a scene. If the cut is not done in the right place then the scene’s meaning and mood can change drastically. When Raghu is in the editing bay, he takes all the confusion out of the project and takes control. That is the sign of a true professional.