‘Insomnio’ Actress Giannina Esquivel

Actress Giannina Esquivel

The Costa Rican film industry is still in its infancy but it is developing rapidly. One film that was produced in Costa Rica by Costa Ricans is called, Insomnio. It premiered in San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital, last October to rave reviews and it demonstrated to all Costa Ricans that the film business was there to stay. The talented actress Giannina Esquivel appeared in the movie and she too received high praise and great reviews. Even though she currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California, she was born and raised in Costa Rica and is extremely proud of the film and of her work on the project. She is also excited that her country is finally a film producing state where artists, actors, directors and writers and cinematographers can all practice their craft as professionals.

Giannina has always loved films and acting in particular. She grew up watching classic movies such as Doctor Zhivago and Empire of the Sun, both directed by giants in the film industry, David Lean and Steven Spielberg respectively. Her parents shared their love of movies with Giannina and her siblings because they wanted their children to see films that were relevant to film history and also to humanity in general. The sensitivity of her parents rubbed off on Giannina and from a very young age all she could think of doing for the rest of her life was to act and be in movies.

Well, she has certainly succeeded in that. She has been in numerous films and TV productions along with commercials and theatrical stage productions. She has even done voice overs. Her training began at age 10 when she got a camcorder and produced her own short films along with TV-like shows. At 15, she went to boarding school in Connecticut and took her first drama and acting class, which immediately showed her that there really was nothing else in the whole world that interested her as far as a career.

When she was old enough she left Costa Rica for Los Angeles to be in the hub of it all, that is, the center of the movie universe. She then studied acting at the famed New York Film Academy and from there she went to BADA, British American Drama Academy in Oxford, England. She says that all of those places were terrific schools for acting but when she immersed herself in two-year intensive program at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Los Angeles, she got more out of that than she ever thought she could get anywhere.