Actor Manuel Soro Is Here To Stay!

Manuel Soro

So, here is the sure way to become not only a great actor but a steadily a working actor just the way that Manuel Soro did it:

Be born and raised in Italy, preferably a small town such as Bolzano, near the Italian/Austrian border. Make sure you live in the tough part of town and do a little acting in school plays when you’re a little kid. Next comes entertaining your friends with all kinds of accents, dialects and impersonating people they all know. After that you should move to London and become a bartender where ultimately you will be voted Best Bartender in England after participating in competitions all over the country. You should then become a renowned manager and bar director and open venues in Hong Kong and Ibeza. This sounds pretty good so far, doesn’t it?

Okay, now you should decide that you are not so happy with your life because, as you remember, you have always loved the idea of being an actor. You then decide to chuck it all in and take a year off to see the world, which you do. While away, however, get ready to be discovered by a New Zealand film director who is in town to shoot a short film called Spanish Diamonds. He will give you an audition and then cast you in the title role and you will stay for a month and a half to complete the film. It is beginning to sound easy now, right?

You will look on that acting experience as if it was more than a dream or a coincidence and it will make you think seriously about once again giving everything up and moving to Los Angeles where you will earn an acting degree at the prestigious Stella Adler Academy of Acting and then go on to make even more films, commercials, voice overs, webisodes and TV shows.

Some of the films you will work in are: Spanish Diamonds, Repeat, Trick, Funny Man, Veiled Avenger and Meeting Mr. Abaddon, to name just a few. He will be featured in the very popular Adult Swim production of Black Jesus, the MTV production of Moscow Official and two highly praised web series, Guber and Here Comes Forty. Hey, let’s not forget the Modelo Beer commercial that you will star in or the many theatrical plays that you will be featured in. Take this formula and run with it. Get to Italy as soon as possible and sign up to be in a school play and your future as a great actor will be set. Good luck!!