Fashion Stylist and Fashion Designer Claire Lee

Fashion Stylist and Fashion Designer, Claire Lee
Fashion Stylist and Fashion Designer, Claire Lee

Claire Lee is a fashion stylist and fashion designer. She was the lead stylist for Korean Idol Group EXO (and Super Junior and Girls Generation etc) and current lives and works in Los Angeles. Claire built her fashion career in Korea, rising to the position of the lead stylist for Korean Idol Group EXO (a Korean-Chinese boy group based in Seoul) until as recently as 2015.

“Working as the Lead Stylist for EXO was both rewarding in terms of the recognition I got self-satisfaction. However, I was always busy and led a hectic lifestyle, and thought that I needed to change things in order to improve myself.  So, I decided to take the step of challenging myself to become a better stylist”.

Claire majored in fashion design in college and while pursuing her dreams of becoming a fashion designer, she realized her passion and interest was leaning toward fashion styling. In 2013, she landed the lead stylist role for the Idol group EXO, where she was trusted with arranging the attire of each of the twelve members of the band, as well as styling depending on the schedule of each of the members. Claire was responsible for purchasing clothing, shoes, and fashion accessories.

“Since there were 12 members of EXO and each had a personal taste and interest in fashion, it was a challenge to meet their requests”, but adds, “it became progressively smooth as we both came to know each other’s preferences”. Claire was also the stylist for bands, Super Junior and Girls Generation etc, in South Korea.

Claire believes celebrity fashion is the result of stylists collaborating closely and adeptly with sponsor companies – preserving as much as possible for the individual celebrity’s integrity in fashion.

Claire is a communications specialist with years of experience in styling, choosing fabrics, seeking concepts for artists (musicians) and their new albums. Her expertise includes hands-on knowledge in developing and implementing her own style, organizing events, designing promotion products and developing music performance costumes.

Claire dreams of being a stylist for Hollywood magazines and stars like Ryan Gossling and Margot Robbie –She is currently based and working at a fashion company in Los Angeles.

“Living in an unfamiliar environment with a new language presents a challenge but the joy that comes from acquiring new knowledge and know-hows of the business make the days all worth it, in the end”.