Milan-Born Beauty and Talented Actress Gaia Passaler

Gaia Passaler
Gaia Passaler

Actress Gaia Passaler does not run from a difficult challenge, she bolts towards it.  When this Milan-born beauty discovered acting while in school at age 10 the thrill and adrenaline never left her and even though it was a lengthy process she eventually parlayed it into her career. It wasn’t your typical acting career path, however. While living in Milan Passaler took several theatre courses in school and outside of school.  “Theatri Possibili,” and “CTA in Milan.”

“However, my passion for performing and acting growing up couldn’t become a profession until a lot later because I initially followed my father’s footsteps and went to dental school in Milan,” she said, eventually becoming an orthodontist.  “Luckily I realized I wasn’t supposed to abandon my true passion,” said Passaler, “and decided to fully devote myself to acting.”

Passaler studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and after two years went to LA to audition and train further. She’s well versed in improv, Shakespearian, and musical theatre among others.  The actress speaks English and Italian as well as several dialects including French, Spanish, and Russian. Not only that she can break into song, tickle the ivories and fence an opponent with aplomb.

To date, Passaler’s most treasured performance was playing Clytemnestra in Charles Mee’s, Iphigenia 2.0, staged at the Lester Martin Theatre in New York, 2016.  As for her favorite film role it was portraying, “Julia,” in The Chosen Path, which wrapped in November, 2016. “Both are very strong women,” Passaler shared, “Women who refuse to give in to defeat or complaint. I learned a lot from playing them.”

Another life-affirming moment for Passaler was performing at the historic Alex Theater in front of 1400 people for the one-night premiere of Marilyn! A New Musical! honoring Marilyn Monroe.  Just as exciting was recently being cast for two films of a trilogy with the legendary Malcom McDowell entitled, The Mystery of Casa Matusita.
Further projects on tap include the TV miniseries, Bomber Command and the series, Emergency LA. Currently she’s on stage at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in the world premiere of the play, Inversion, playing the role of, “Natalia.”

The effervescent actress is regularly in the spotlight now following years of hard work and study. When aspiring thespians ask her for advice she is refreshingly honest and blunt.  “Always focus on the present moment with your eyes on the future, and never let the past affect you,” she shared. “Also, have the courage to make bold choices and take responsibility for them, both with your life and your work.”