Bernice Breckon In ‘Audit He’

Bernice Breckon in 'Audit-He'
Bernice Breckon in ‘Audit-He’

This Australian Film Base Production is a short film about an auditor who begins to stand up for himself after being attacked outside the office, and after being manipulated/humiliated by an attractive co-worker. But his fighting back indicates something darker may have happened when the boss is found beaten to death and his position needs to be filled.

This ensemble piece flows perfectly, but the mysterious revelations in the conclusion to the film are brought home by the performance of Bernice Breckon. Her subtle but strong portrayal of Beth, who has to console yet lead the office staff with gentle authority in the wake of the murder, elevates what could have been a simple character study to an intense psychological drama. Breckon knows how to allow her character to be kind, empathetic, yet in charge. Her multi-faceted portrayal lends gravitas to this story. Breckon always delivers solid performances, and is chameleon-like in her choices and delivery. With her, you don’t see an actress, or even characters. You see real people.