The Fashion World Loves Ezra J. William

Fashion Enthusiast Ezra J. William
Fashion Enthusiast Ezra J. William


Ezra William grew up in Indonesia but has lived in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Singapore and is currently living in New York City. He is definitely a citizen of the world. He moved to New York not to pursue his passion for and his interest in fashion. He has loved and followed fashion since he was 13 years old and has studied it wherever he has lived. He also studied at New York University where he received a degree in Business with concentrations in marketing, advertising and public relations, so he knows both sides of the fashion world – the design side and the business side.

Although he has been on several TV shows and is very well known not only in fashion circles but in the New York City area, Ezra considers himself a lifestyle influencer. His website (under construction) Ezyklopedia, revolves around his personal style and lifestyle from things he loves to wear, current trends, his favorite places to eat and travel destinations, etc. He will also launch an E commerce shop soon where people can buy products including other brands as well as Ezra’s personal creations.

Did we mention that Ezra is opening a restaurant soon and he has plans to launch his own shoe line. Dei we also talk about how Ezra is designing his own rocket ship and driverless car to compete with Google and Uber? Well, we’re just kidding about the rocket and the car, but we wouldn’t put it past this very intelligent and creative guy to be able to do something like that in the future. We see Ezra as someone who leads the way for others to follow. Not just in fashion but in lifestyle and communications through social media. He is someone who definitely influences the cultural trends of this country and he is still a rather young man. We feel that there are plenty of new things that haven’t even been thought of yet that Ezra will bring to the surface for all of us to observe, think about, question, and enjoy.

He is a fashion personality along with being a very creative person in multiple disciplines. His future restaurant and shoe line, no doubt, will be as popular as Ezra is himself.