The Amazing Resume’ Of Actress And Entertainer Ellie Patrikios

The Beautiful Ellie Patrikios.
The Beautiful Ellie Patrikios

The beautiful Ellie Patrikios – actress, model, philosopher, writer, storyteller, filmmaker, intellectual. She is certainly all of these and so much more. Ellie is a human being, above all, with enormous amounts of creativity, energy empathy, compassion and humility. She is a very rare commodity in the worlds of entertainment and beauty.

Her resumé is a long one so we will only mention a few of the many films, stage plays, TV shows and commercials she’s been in or we’ll be here all day. Films: Viral Night, Isla Vista, The Rock Opera, Cassette, The Feature Film, The Grads, Our Humanity, She’s a Knockout, Singing in The Rain, Pillow Talk, Cultifice and Old Pals. Some of the commercials Ellie has been featured in have been for internationally known brand names such as: Samsung, Fox Sport, Air BnB, Love Riot and TIGI, among others.Ellie’s stage play performances have been in such diverse productions as, Jack & Jill (lead), ICP (lead), Four Dogs and a Bone (Co-lead), Animal Farm (lead) and All About Eve (lead), to name just a few. She has an impressive television list of performances also: Snowfall (FX), Barely Famous (VH1), The Queen’s 80th Birthday (BBC), BBC Proms (BBC), The Millionaires: Web Series (on Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die Network) among others. Ellie is also a proficient voice over artist and has participated in several musicals including; Bugsy Malone, Seussical The Musical to name a couple.

Ellie is obviously a talented actress and model and she has been working steadily for the past few years. Of course, being an established actress and model is interesting because it takes a lot of drive and training to get to where Ellie is today. But the thing that makes Ellie truly interesting and separates her from the herd is her love of life and her affinity with other humans on this planet. And not just the humans sitting in a Starbucks in Hollywood – the other people who live so far away from what we know as civilization that they don’t even have or need alarm clocks, let alone cable, DVD players or smart phones.

Ellie visited Fiji a few years ago with her family and they all fell in love with the simplicity and the “power of love” as she calls it that they discovered in the island people’s lives and the way they always shared what little they had. Ellie and her family helped build an orphanage there and have visited many times since then. Seeing real people who were truly happy even though they had hardly any material possessions changed Ellie’s life forever.