Brian Bdub Wilson Releases New Music And Will Make His Acting Debut

Brian Bdub Wilson talks to 27PR Media about his new singles and upcoming acting debut.
Brian Bdub Wilson talks to 27PR Media about his new singles and upcoming acting debut.

We recently caught up with Brian Bdub Wilson who just released two new singles ‘Who’s Loving You’ and ‘I Get Around’ and will soon make his acting debut in the film ‘The Other Side’. In between his busy schedule Brian answered some of our questions including growing up in a famous family (his father is Ronnie Wilson from the Gap Band, and he’s the nephew of Charlie Wilson and the late Robert Wilson). As always, it was great catching up with him and to find out about his latest projects. Here is what he had to say:

It’s always it’s so good catching up with you. Since we last spoke, you have been working on new music and have even just released a music video, tell us about that:

Yes, I have been really busy and focused on creating a great approach to radio and music video TV platforms this year. I have two new singles with videos being released mid March with Illustradistribution.

You’ve also been working with some other big names, including your own family members from the famous Gap Band. Do tell:

Well the work hasn’t been released yet, but I know that we have a big surprise for you all with me transitioning into film with a big production called The other side. We got some big names from the past in the acting world, as well some new faces that will be featured in the film.

What were some of your influences and inspirations when coming up with the new music?

I have been really enjoying Ed Sheeran, Anderson Paak , Ro James , Ari Lennox ft Cozz Backseat (definitely sets the mood). Bryson Tiller, there’s many more but I’m a music lover it may take me an hour or more, to write  all my faves down hahahaha.

What has been one of the biggest achievements you have received since we last spoke to you regarding your career? What are some of the highlights?

One of the most inspiring moments of last year was definitely having the opportunity to

perform with my father and the Gap Band with Faith Evans at Splash Kingdom in Redlands, California. I had a great time lighting up the stage and surely will be doing a lot more of that this year as well.

What did your uncle and father tell you growing up about success and being in the music industry? Is there something in particular they advised you on, that has stuck with you to this day?

The most important advice I have always been given was to stay focused with a clean mind and body. Also. to always perform a show with energy whether there’s 5 people or 5000 people in the crowd. Take every moment seriously and entertain.

What can we expect next from you? Any other new projects?

Stay following my social media pages There’s quite a bit coming to the world from Brian Bdub Wilson this year maybe even a tour including the US as well as in the UK.

Thanks for your time Brian 

Thank you!

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