‘Somewhere Over That Rainbow’ Actor Joshua Diaz

Australia's Joshua Diaz
Australia’s Joshua Diaz

Joshua Diaz is an Australian actor who, for being under 25, has built up quite an impressive resumé. He lives in Melbourne currently, but when he was 20 he moved to Los Angeles to attend the Stella Adler Academy of Acting on a full scholarship. Those aren’t given out by the basket full so Joshua had to show them what a really talented he was in order to be handed that academic and financial award.

He attended the two-year Conservatory Program there and immersed himself into every angle of acting that was available for him to learn and to apply to his career. Since then, he hasn’t stopped working and has established himself in Australia and the US as an actor who is more than qualified to play any role given to him. Joshua has performed in feature-length motion pictures, TV shows and music videos. He is also Master of Ceremony at live stage shows and when he isn’t keeping busy enough with all of those entertainment activities, he models urban clothing brands and footwear.

Some of the movies Joshua has had featured roles in are: Somewhere Over that Rainbow, which is about how hard coming out really is, and no one said that once your out, life gets any easier. Somewhere over that Rainbow follows the journey of 6 young people searching for acceptance and freedom. Bella was written and directed by Stan Harrington and Joshua worked alongside actors Dale Dickey, Spencer Garrett and Emmett Skilton. The Second Coming of Christ is the story of the journey of a woman scientist who, at the end of times, discovers that true Faith can bring Miracles. Joshua plays Private Michael Cruz and was directed by Daniel Anghelcev who also co-wrote the script. Joshua also starred as “Bo” in the horror film Tarnation.

In television, Joshua won the role of Jared in the TV pilot Witches, which re-unites five sisters after they have abandoned magic. They must take on their calling as witches in order to save their family. He also appeared in the TV series Neighbors as Keith Schmidt. Joshua has also been in several music videos including Boy rocket and Remy, Ft Sampan, Diva’s and Demons. Joshua is planning on moving back to the states soon to expand his acting career.