Producer, Writer and Director Valerie Khoudari

The Eye For Detail, Filmmaker Valerie Khoudari
The Eye For Detail, Filmmaker Valerie Khoudari


To say that Valerie Khoudari is a filmmaker is an understatement. She is a producer, writer and director of award winning films, commercials and documentaries, but she is much more than that: she is a very interesting person. She was born in Bogotá, Colombia and when she was a young girl she was very lonely. She preferred to stay at home, imagining other worlds and writing about them instead of playing with other children. She couldn’t adapt to any of the five schools her parents sent her to. Fortunately, she found a class that she thrived in, which was a photography class. This opened up new realms to her and helped develop her appreciation of the visual arts, which then transformed her writing into visual content.

School didn’t seem so bad to Valerie after she realized what she truly wanted to do – make films. She studied screenwriting and directing at the Black Maria Cinema School in Bogotá and then went on to earn a degree in filmmaking and cinematography in New York City, where she produced her first film Sylvie, which picked up a distributor and did very well at film festivals.

Valerie went on to produce a great many films after that and she also wrote many and directed some too. She produced several films directed by Enrique Pedraza such as, Song From a Blackbird, the documentary The Yellow Card and a Nintendo Wii Spec Commercial. All three films have won awards at film festivals for Best Film, Best Documentary and Best Commercial, respectively.

Although Valerie the filmmaker has a jam-packed schedule producing films, she also takes time out to give back. Philanthropy is a passion with her and she, along with dale Godboldo and Amine El Mouttaki founded the International Arts & Philanthropy foundation to support the arts, education, early childhood development, healthcare and other philanthropic efforts. The Foundation also serves as a fiscal sponsor to charitable organizations and initiatives.  IAPF’s fundraising partners include the star-studded City Gala & Summit and The Charitable Giving Foundation. Valerie and her team are currently producing a non-profit concert to raise awareness and funds for early childhood development and education.

Valerie is currently incorporating philanthropy into movie making. She’s collaborating with writer/editor Shari Thakar to develop fiction films to raise awareness for our planet and spiritual growth. She is also developing programs to unleash children’s creativity and spiritual intelligence.