Hong Kong Photographer Kayee’s Work Will Captivate You

One of the amazing captures of Hong Kong photographer Kayee
One of the amazing captures of Hong Kong photographer Kayee

Kayee is a photographic artist from Hong Kong who is currently residing in Los Angeles. She studied filmmaking for three years at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a photography degree at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Her art is at once noticeable and it stands out from the crowd immediately.  Kayee’s work has also been featured in such magazines as: COSMO China, NR Magazine and Flaunt Magazine.

There is a melancholy about some of her pictures, or it may just be thoughtful seriousness. Hard to tell, but each image that has that unmistakable stoic expression makes the viewer stop in his or her tracks and stare back into the mind-piercing gaze they are confronted with. The onlooker must then check his or her own feelings to try to understand why these particular likenesses have such a strong effect on the viewer. The spectator then has to see if it is indeed they who might be projecting their emotions onto Kayee’s captured icons in the artistic canvases. Whatever the watchers do, they soon realize that they are participants in the inescapable trap that Kayee has set. The audience has been baited and successfully trapped inside their own mind, thanks to Kayee’s masterful control of each image.

When they walk away minutes later they recognize that not only have they been looking at beautiful art but they have also been observing the innermost feelings of themselves. It’s a wonderful trip, actually, and once you comprehend what just happened you may even go back for s second and third or even fourth look. The red haired young woman with the piercing blue eyes is a prime example of Kayee’s mesmerizing talent. The woman in the photograph does look back at you as you peruse the photo, but not in a threatening manner. She is just you staring at yourself in the most peaceful, pensive way, inviting you to invite her in to your deepest thoughts and feelings.

A conundrum? Perhaps. A conscious display of intelligent self-psychological examination? Perhaps. Or maybe Kayee just has a great eye and the sensitivity to choose the right model for the perfect shot every single time. In the long run, it really doesn’t matter because it’s art and everyone takes something different away from each piece. We are only suggesting that Kayee’s art has an extra dimension to it than many other artists’ work and it is a truly enjoyable experience.