From France to the Bright Lights of Hollywood, Anne-Sophie Niego

French Beauty- Actress Anne-Sophie
French Beauty- Actress Anne-Sophie Niego

Anne-Sophie, the French actress, has a very impressive resumé. It’s choc full of all her intensive training as an actress and the many films she has performed in. She didn’t start out to be an actress, however. She began her performing career in dance, ballet, to be precise and when she was just 5 years old, she was singled out by the famed ballet star and legendary teacher, Max Bozzoni. He envisioned her as a ballet prodigy and his plans for her included the Paris Opera House.

Of course, Anne-Sophie had different ideas and she enrolled in acting classes while she was still studying dance. When she turned 12, she landed her first acting role and she never looked back. Since then she has trained with the best acting teachers and coaches in the world and has been in numerous commercial, TV shows and movies.

Some of the films Anne-Sophie has been in are: Leila, (leading role), about a young Hollywood actor struggling to finish a script about his past. He meets a young actress who tries to help him but that only brings him to a deeper, more dangerous state of mind. Lost Angels, a film about the journey of Charlie and Joshua, sweethearts since high school, as they move through the maze of living in unpredictable Hollywood. Suit & Tie, (lead role), is about an arrogant advertising executive who loses his good luck and then stumbles across a homeless man with Shakespearean charm.

Demons is another feature-length motion picture that Anne-Sophie has had a lead role in. She plays Sabrina, and the story is about a young rock band that visits a deserted house to record their new album but things take a nightmarish turn when their Satanist manager attempts to open the gates of Hell. Anne-Sophie was terrific in this film and all of her achievements in acting are demonstrated in her masterful characterization of Sabrina.

The Grass is Always Greener On The Other Side is a film in which Anne-Sophie gets to show her comedic side, which is enormous. The comedy is about a Japanese clerk who is about to be promoted and discovers that there are very strange rules for success in the company. Anne-Sophie is a fine actress who has been classically trained and is able to apply her wealth of acting knowledge to any character she takes on.