An Interview With Francis Cronin

Frank Cronin for 'The Redhead Project'
Frank Cronin for ‘The Redhead Project’

Hi Francis, as always it’s great catching up with you in between your busy schedule. Let’s talk about your career and some of your highlights performing. Which do you prefer, dramatic acting, stand up comedy or writing?

“That would be like asking me to pick a favorite child. Stand Up comedy, acting and script writing compliment each-other very well. So I dance happily between them all. There really is no conflict, preference or borders between them. In fact, combining them all is synergistic. If you can do it all you have an upper hand in the entertainment world. For example, I got a break on ‘Comedian’s On’ which led to ‘Date Debate’ and being a member of one of the largest viral video sketch groups in the world through stand up comedy. Without stand up comedy I wouldn’t have got a chance to do the rest. As long as I’m on stage performing I’m happy. Since I began years ago in Ireland I’ve always done all three. That’s how I built a large enough fan base to justify my move to Hollywood.”

You’ve worked with a lot of interesting people over the years. Who has been your favorite person or group to work with?

‘‘Gosh that is a tough one. I’ve been blessed so there have been quite a few. I got to star with living legend Dana Carvey from (SNL) in a new media web series called The Funster. That was a blast. That led to appearances shorts written by ex-head writer of SNL Fred Wolfe on which also starred the likes of Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman, Kevin Nealon, David Spade, Jack Handy and a load of other household names.

When I hosted the live stream interviews for The Hollywood Reporter at the Burbank Comedy Festival this year I had the pleasure of interviewing Kate Flannery from The Office, Christopher Titus from Titus Nation and Kel Mitchell from Good Burger and SNL. Very clever people. Right now I’m starring alongside French superstar Kev Adams, DeStorm Power and Sarah McDaniel in a new series I helped write for the network BlackPills. Such a great crew of people. Creative people are generally a lot of fun to be around especially if you are in the arts too. You can exchange war stories. To pick one would be unfair. They are all great.’’

What is next for you?

‘Well, my american TV stand up debut comes out on Fox TV shortly. But, that is already taped and in the bag. I have a four day shoot in Vegas for a feature film called ‘Trick’ where I play a violent abusive drug addict. That’s a nice u turn in terms of character. Then once Superhigh wraps at the end of February I’ll shoot some stuff for St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th. I had a goal of securing work on a major TV network this year. I cant believe it, in January alone I secured 3 network projects. So I guess I need to set the bar higher. It must be the luck of the Irish. I shot a commercial for Google a while back that I’ve been told comes out in August. I’ll be interested to see that. It’s weird how showbiz works. What’s ‘next’ for actors in is often doing press for something you’ve done in the past! Ha!”

Will all this not get in the way of your Stand Up comedy and writing?

“I write every morning before rehearsals. Even on shoot days. No breaks. That’s the rule. Also I write a little bit throughout the day if something comes to me in the wind. At night after filming I can hit the clubs, work on my stand up material and meet industry. I basically eat sleep and live entertainment, and to be honest…I love it! My time in the military taught me how to best utilize my time and I am using that understanding and work ethic to navigate Hollywood. I’m pretty much in what I call a self-imposed Hollywood boot camp.”

Wait.  You were in the Irish Military?

‘Yeah, and had the pleasure of peacekeeping with the United Nations in Liberia, but we’ll chat about that another time. Always good to keep a little mystery right? Thank you.