A Gem Of An Actress -Jessica Joseph-McDermott

The Beautiful Jessica Joseph-McDermott
The Beautiful Jessica Joseph-McDermott

Ah…  a gem of an actress. Jessica Joseph-McDermott has been living in Los Angeles for more than a year and already has established herself as an actress to be reckoned with. In other words, she has gained much respect from casting directors, producers and directors, along with her fellow actors for her professionalism. And no wonder: Jessica has extensive training as an actress at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Australia, and the world famous Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theatre in Hollywood. Plus, she’s been in countless films, commercials and stage plays, including the motion picture Carlos Gustavo, which was shot at Elstree Studios in London.

Jessica was also featured in the Virgin Australia Airlines national commercial directed by Graeme Burfoot, and the Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals commercial helmed by Tim Pace. The Southern Comfort whiskey company featured Jessica in their national spot and she was featured in Australia’s beautiful commercial Opera Australia TVC, directed by Adam Wareham. In only a minute and a half, the beauty and allure of Australia’s national opera and all of its accompanying images and colors pulled the audience in to its clutches with Jessica leading the charge as a featured opera goer.

Jessica, besides being a professional screen and stage actress has also performed in Opera in Sydney, Australia, her hometown. She was the Bride in Cosi Fan Tutte, the Bridesmaid in The Marriage of Figaro, Band Major in La Boheme and Aphrodite Nymph un The Love Of The Nightingale. She also has had lead roles in some of theatre’s classic plays such as Blanche DuBois in Streetcar Named Desire, Beth Phillips in War Of The Worlds, Varya in The Cherry Orchard and Perdita in Checking In Checking Out. She received high praise and great reviews for her roles and Natanya Paris of playstone.com wrote of her Varya performance: “Jessica Joseph McDermott’s Varya is repressed, conflicted, intelligent and angry – her appeal as a beautiful young woman doesn’t define and delimit her stage presence.”

That’s for sure! Jessica’s talent always shines through and dominates the scene no matter how good she looks. She is focused on the perfection of the moment and the way her character is acting and reacting in each beat of the production. That’s why Jessica is such a sought after actress.