The Captivating Ego Mikitas
The Captivating Ego Mikitas

When we first saw Ego Mikitas in the recent film “New Years’ Gift” –a great romantic comedy we thought that he looked familiar. Then we realized that we had seen him several times before that in other films. As media, we get to watch a lot of film previews, that is, when they are shown to certain audiences before their public release. Anyway, one of those was a preview of the movie Out For Vengeance and amazing actor Ego, needless to say, is truly unforgettable and totally captivating.

It was shot in the Netherlands by True Spirit Entertainment and directed by Salar Zarza. Ego plays a top ranked assassin for the Russian mob and that’s where he got to use his Russian Special Forces training and martial arts skills to really enhance his character onscreen. Whenever Ego walked into a scene, it was like he owned it, or rather,  like he owned the whole movie. There is something about him that only few actors have or who can exude and we think it’s his inner spirit, even though that may not even be the right phrase. Apart from very intensive fighting scenes, we also saw Ego play in a couple of highly dramatic episodes.

First is the pool scene when he tried to convince his boss- Victor Romanov not to give the chance for competitors to strike first. There were few words said, but the dialogue through the eyes was incredible. We can physically see in Ego’s eyes that he knows for sure what will happen if his Boss does not take immediate action. We clearly see the pain Ego’s hero predicts and at the same time the soldier’s acceptance to die for his general. Sure, the audience would love to see that untold story, delivered by Ego.

Another episode, is when Ego was involved in business negotiations as a favor for his boss and again, with few words, Ego kept an incredibly frightening look, the highest level of intimidation which he delivered simply by his pose, – that for sure was a critical point for the decision which finally was made in his boss’s favor. The last phrase, Ego said- “you don’t want to see me again”- did not leave any doubt to his counterparts or audience. That is that no one will ever even think to mess with this guy, or to let down his boss.

We were surprised to see Ego’s ability to play so well in a drama, then, in the next scene he receives news that his boss’s son has been brutally killed by competitors and he passes the news to Mr Romanov. With complete silence scene between two top ranked criminals, with one was almost crying because of his powerlessness to save his only one child. Then Ego, his best assassin in many years, who warned him exactly and predicted this would happen and cannot overturn his boss’s decision. Although there are no words, we can see from Ego’s demeanor, face and eyes that he is in such of pain, as like his own son has gone. We can see the anger and flame of revenge blown out of that peaceful environment around the lake,  that the scene has happened.

Since we’ve seen Ego in several motion pictures and watched clips of him on the Internet we have noticed a pattern in all of his characters. Not that any of them are the same, they are quite different personalities, each and every one of them. But Ego appears to transform into each of his characters and the people who are acting in the scenes with him must up their game when they are paired with him. This often happens with all the best actors. They bring everyone’s game up and make the movie much better simply because they have put everything they have into the character they are playing.

Ego’s characters all come from within and he is somehow able to maintain not only the façade of the fictional persona, but the complex inner emotional world that the character is living in at that moment. Well, we find Ego’s acting style very refreshing and we like looking at this refined actor who is also capable of carrying a real honest to goodness action movie. Go see Ego in something – anything. You’ll love it.