Indi Massara Appears In New District’s Music Video ‘Ain’t Got No Money’

The Beautiful Indi Massara
The Beautiful Indi Massara Photo by: Arun Nevadar

“Holy smokes, Indi.” If you’ve seen the Indiana Jones movies then you’ve heard that expression before. We say it every time we see Indi Massara up there on that big silver screen. She’s that Australian actress who we’ve all seen in commercials, movies, TV and the runway at the Los Angeles Fashion Week. Can an actress be a model and an actress, you might ask? Well, Holy smokes! Why not! Indi does it and it works for her.

Of course, modeling wasn’t really why she came to L.A. in the first place. It was acting and she wasted no time getting an agent and a manager within the first week of stepping ashore on one of L.A.’s beautiful beaches. It is rumored that she swam here from Australia, and we certainly don’t doubt it, because she is a driven young woman. However, when looking into her travel arrangements a little more thoroughly, we discovered that she did indeed fly – in an airplane, from down under.

After securing the two aforementioned representatives, Indi went to work immediately, if not sooner. One of her first jobs was to work alongside Dennis Quaid and Amanda Peet in a project by the production company Funny Or Die, founded by the famous actor, Will Ferrell. She can also bee seen in all her glory in one of New District’s music videos, Ain’t Got No Money. They are, by the way, one of this country’s hottest boy bands right now and the video has drawn over 10 million views on Youtube and other platforms.

Chobani, the yogurt people had Indi in their national commercials during the Olympic campaign and she worked closely with the award-winning director Laurence Dunmore. Now that Indi is living in Los Angeles we sure don’t want to lose her, but we get a little nervous when people start telling us how popular she’s about to become in Korea right now.

The reason her cute face is so known half a world away is because she’s about to be seen in advertisements for one of the large Korean conglomerates over there. She has even worked in her home country Australia where she performed with both the Australian Performing Arts Network and the Australian Girls Choir. Anyway, perhaps Indi will stay here for a long time because she is being deluged with film and commercial job offers. Apparently her schedule is just about filled up for this year and most of next year, too, so at least we’ll have her for another year.