Rayanna Dibs In ‘The Adventure’s Of Sally’s Inner Demons’

Rayanna Dibs In 'The Adventure's Of Sally's Inner Demons'
Rayanna Dibs In ‘The Adventure’s Of Sally’s Inner Demons’

The Adventures of Sally’s Inner Demons is an authentic, hopeful and raw journey into the turning point of a young woman’s life. Sally is exquisitely played by talented actress Rayanna Dibs, as she skilfully takes us on an adventure, moment to moment. As Sally spirals into the depths of a darkly monotonous lifestyle, littered with hollow drug use and empty sex, an unexpected pregnancy provokes Sally into facing her demons.

Up and coming director Sabine Lang presents a haunting portrait of a life in repair and Dibs masterfully paints for the audience a woman wounded, healing and searching for a better life. As Lang sharply keeps the camera angles quite close and intimate, we receive a visceral punch of fragility and resilience from lead actress Dibs, keeping us right there with her as Sally stumbles, struggles, learns to keep her feet, flies and is ultimately faced with her true self in the end.

Lydia du Plessis plays the tart and harsh Lydia, the friend who becomes the foil as Sally struggles to overcome her drug habit. With the simplicity of story Lang deftly focuses on the details, as Dibs’ brilliantly nuanced performance conveys the complexity of strength and vulnerability of an every woman coming into her own.

The heart of the film lies in the fact that though real-life drama doesn’t always end as expected, the adventure is always stirring. Buoyancy dances with despair, hope couples with tragedy, and youthful choices are always naturally followed by consequences. The Adventures of Sally’s Demons is an impressive depiction of that journey.

Clara Emanuel
Freelance Film Reviewer