Tia Carrere attends the red carpet screening of ‘The Girl’ at the Burbank Film Festival

Tia Carrere, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn director of ‘The Girl’ and President of the Burbank Film Festival on the red carpet.
Actress and model Christina Ulloa who plays 'Nectar' in 'The Wedding Invitation' on the red carpet.
Actress and model Christina Ulloa who plays ‘Nectar’ in ‘The Wedding Invitation’ on the red carpet.

The Burbank International Film Festival was held in Burbank on September 7th to the 11th with some fantastic new films being showcased as well as some familiar faces and stars. The festival held at the AMC 16 theaters in Burbank, is now in it’s 8th successful year and gives up and coming filmmakers and actors a fantastic opportunity to showcase their work and build their audiences. Tia Carrere who starred in Wayne’s World and True Lies also made an appearance on the red carpet to promote the new psychological thriller she stars in The Girl, directed by Jennifer Blanc-Biehn. Some of the other films that were shown included the opening night screening of The Wave as well as for the first time event, the Garry Marshall award which was attended by the late director/producers family. Some of the other movies included The Wedding Invitation, Last Call at Murray’s and The Real Housewives of Shakespeare to name a few.

Each year, the festival attracts hundreds of visitors eager to catch some new films or check out some new talent, which is what the Burbank Film Festival loves to promote. Combined with some hard working volunteers and board members of the festival, this is one of Burbank’s most exciting events that takes place each year. So, if you’re looking for an outlet to showcase your new film or perhaps even attend the festival for next year, be sure to go to the official site for all the latest updates and news on some of the films and events taking place. It’s definitely a great way to support local filmmakers, talent and of course, enjoy the culture and highlights of one of LA’s most famous film and TV production locations, Burbank. There’s no doubt that somewhere along the way, one of your favorite movies or shows took place in this famous town!

For more information, check out: www.BurbankFilmFest.org