Actor Mark Child talks about his exciting projects and plans for the future

The talented and gifted Mark Child
The talented and gifted Mark Child

Australia has produced many incredible artists over the years including, Nicole Kidman, Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie, to name a few. Next in line, is the amazingly talented Mark Child, who is doing some pretty exciting stuff here in LA and recently tried his hand at writing and directing his first project which is a short film on suicide prevention. We recently caught up with this talented Aussie to to find out more about what his background and what he has coming up. Here is what he had to share with us:

Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into performing?

Hey! I’m an Australian born, LA based actor. I got into the industry when I was working a job as a carpenter building a film set for a production in Sydney. Then, one of the actors pulled out two days before filming and the director asked me to play the role. I automatically said yes, because who doesn’t want to be in a movie? Then after shooting, I realized how much I had fallen in love with the art of acting.

What inspired you to get into this industry?

When I was young, there were 3 movies that I grew up on that really inspired me: ‘Quigley Down Under’ with Tom Selleck, ‘Prince of Thieves’ with Kevin Costner and of course, ‘Forest Gump’ with Tom Hanks. Every one of their performances were amazing and I would watch each of them  a thousand times.

What kind of training have you had, if any?

Training is the most important thing! I studied at NIDA, Sydney for my first year and now I’m currently on my 2nd year at Anothany Meindl, Los Angeles.

What has been your favorite role to play so far?

I really don’t have a favorite yet, but recently I shot out in the desert on a film called ‘The Turning’ which was amazing. I really enjoyed playing the role because he had such an emotional journey and I also learned a lot about myself. Also working with David Ayer on ‘Fury’ doing stunts in a WWII movie was a dream come true.

What has been one of your biggest achievements in your career so far?

Recently I shot a short creative PSA style film on suicide. It was my first time writing and directing a film. It sheds light on the fact that 1 million people commit suicide every year. It’s a project that is very close to my heart. That’s probably why it’s my biggest achievement.

What projects do you have coming up?

I’m currently in talks with a couple of directors and I also have two scripts of my own in the works. One of them we will be shooting in September 2016. I’m really exciting about all the upcoming opportunities coming my way.

Who would you most like to work with?

Nicolas Winding Refn. If I don’t work with him I might die!  So if you’re reading this Nicolas, call me (laughs).

What are your plans for the future?

Growing!  For me and as an actor, growing is the most important thing, it’s the most painful process but it gives the biggest reward. Besides who isn’t happy when they have grown so much and come so far?

What is your advice to aspiring performers?

Being..… Being in the moment and being yourself. I know it sounds cliché, but just be yourself. I mean all we are doing as actors is showing different sides of ourselves. No matter what we do or try to do, we are always going to be ourselves. So we should embrace it instead of fighting it.