An exclusive look at Mariah Carey’s role as ‘Kitten’ on Empire

After months of speculation over whether it would happen or not, Mariah’s debut on the TV show Empire has finally been revealed. Released as a trailer today, fans of Mariah and the show, can get a first look at the singer as she plays the role of megastar ‘Kitten’ in the Fox TV series. Written and directed by her good friend Lee Daniels, whom she also worked with on the movie ‘Precious’, this role is sure to satisfy Mariah’s legions of fans who have been waiting patiently and critics who are no doubt waiting to see the episode. It’s been an extremely busy year for the singer who is not only still in the middle of touring at the moment, but also her show ‘Mariah’s World’ is coming to E! December 4th. Let’s hope for the holiday season, Mariah will get to enjoy some down time. The new episode of Empire entitled ‘Kill or Be Killed’ debuts on September 21st on Fox. The show also stars an amazing cast including Terrence Howard. Taraji P. Henson and Jussie Smulett. Be sure to check out the preview above and for Mariah concert tickets, go to: