Toni Braxton to be honored at 365Black Awards

Sultry singer Toni Braxton is set to be honored at the 365Black Awards which will take place on September 1st. Toni, who has had some of the biggest hits in the world including, ‘Breathe again’, ‘Unbreak my heart’ and ‘Another sad love song’, has been gracing the world with her incredible and unique voice since the early 90s. Also, overcoming some incredible obstacles in her life with some major health problems, Toni has also become an advocate in raising awareness for issues like autism, which her son suffers from. This is a much deserved honor for Toni to receive this award and is sure to be one of her personal highlights. Don’t forget to watch out for Toni Braxton coming to a city near you performing all her hits. Go to for tickets and more info!