Bo Derek and Peyton Manning are set to roast Rob Lowe on Comedy Central

Ohio native, Rob Lowe known for his successful work in TV and film and some (early) career controversies, is gearing up for some serious roasting by people such as Bo Derek and the NFL’s Peyton Manning. The Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe will take place on August 27th in Culver City, CA where it will be recorded, but will air on September 5th (Labor Day). The show which attracts millions of viewers each year has roasted past guests such as Charlie Sheen, Justin Bieber and Pamela Anderson, to name a few. The Roast is definitely only for the thick-skinned and those who can handle some serious insults! We can’t wait to see what this show has in store for Rob, with his fantastic sense of humor and down to earth attitude, it will no doubt, be entertaining!