Star of the web series ‘Lovers & Friends LA’ Emma Maddock

The beautiful and talented UK actress Emma Maddock
The beautiful and talented UK actress Emma Maddock Photo by: Jessica Lawson

This beautiful and talented British actress is apparently one of the busiest women in Los Angeles and London right now. She’s currently appearing in two web series and you can catch her in the Vamps’ music video along with several commercials and two very popular TV shows. Emma Maddock is the woman we keep seeing on the screen and who we always want more of.

Emma, originally from Manchester, England, has been interested in the entertainment industry since she was a little girl. She never missed a play rehearsal or performance when she was in school and she always made it to her acting classes, dance studio and band practice, no matter what. Maybe that’s how she got to be so disciplined and why producers and directors love this woman so much – she’s not only a gifted actress but she’s on time and knows her lines.

Emma took speech training at LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) she went on to musical theatre and drama training by West End professionals. After earning a scholarship to the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, she recently graduated and has been working steadily in both London and Hollywood.

LA Web Series, starring Emma Maddock as Landon and Alexandra Swarens as Avery, is one of the web series Emma is in right now. It’s an LGBT love story between two women who are from very different walks of life. They get close, they open up to each other while walking around the city all night but they also keep a lot of things unsaid. Landon has to fly back to England the day after they meet, so they promise to meet up again in the future. In the second season we see if it was more than a mere coincidence that they met at all. It truly explores that maybe some things are meant to happen. After the release of the teaser, it has become the new, hot, highly anticipated web series that has already garnered plenty of attention from fans, influences and the media.

Emma is also in Blood Relatives, a crime-re-enactment series on the ID (Investigation Discovery) Network, along with another web series called, Lovers & Friends LA. It’s an LGBT spin off of the original award-winning show Lovers and Friends. We loved her in The Vamps music video of their song “I Found a Girl,” and she was also terrific in Charade, which has won numerous awards at the following film festivals: Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival, Chandler International Film Festival, The Awareness Festival, Los Angeles CineFest and Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards. Emma is fun and talented and obviously pretty busy. She has a lot of projects on her schedule for next year and we can hardly wait to see them.