Riccardo Vino And Technicolors

Riccardo Vino and Technicolors
Riccardo Vino and Technicolors

What a great evening! We were lucky enough to attend a performance, a remarkable performance we must say, by Riccardo Vino and Technicolors in the iconic Volksbühne Theater in Berlin, named the most exciting stage in Germany. This super Italian singer is simply incredible. His retro show hits all the notes of the great radio hits of the 30s, 40s and 50s Italy and America. He has brilliantly put them together in a show that is captivating and exhilarating at the same time. Watching Riccardo on stage magically transports his listeners back in time to a much more innocent and romantic world.

Riccardo is a perfectionist who has everything that a great singer and entertainer could ever want. He’s a handsome, charming playful and he connects immediately with the audience. His perfectionist qualities are the kind that pull him and his artistic work up the ladder of excellence with the ease of a math genius doing simple addition and subtraction. He makes it look so easy and effortless yet we can see the high intelligence and the talented discipline behind those smiling eyes of his.

His band Technicolors, is a group of very gifted musicians who not only know what they’re doing but they provide that extra layer of icing on the cake that every performer wishes he or she had in their act. Technicolors seems to be an extension of Riccardo and vice-versa. They were all made for each other and we couldn’t imagine what they would do without each other.

Riccardo could have fit in during the 1930s, 40s and 50s but we’re truly happy that he landed in this era instead. His renditions of Mambo Italiano from 1954, Voglio vivere così from 1942, and Finché la va cosi from 1939 are just a sampling of what this great show has to offer. Riccardo has made each of the songs he sings his own and once you here them come out of his mouth you realize, even if you’ve heard the songs before, that these are indeed his own.

The three vibrant decades that the show’s songs encompass will thrill every audience member. His style is quick and charismatic and his pronunciation is flowing and understandable. Riccardo has brought all that was good in those three decades of great music back into vogue and hopefully, he will continue doing so for a long, long time.