Catching up with down to earth Aussie actor, Jonathon James in LA

Aussie Actor Jonathon James
Aussie Actor Jonathon James

Jonathon James is one Aussie actor making big moves in Hollywood. From working alongside James Franco, to working with Academy award winning directors, this guy is definitely here for the long haul. We recently sat down to pick his brain about his thoughts on acting and his future plans. Here is what he shared with Celebrity Talk Australia:

Hi Jonathon, great to catch up with you. We would like to find out a little more about your background as a performer. Please tell us how you first got into acting:

I first got involved with acting when I moved over to Los Angeles to attend Stella Adler full time acting program in October 2013.

Growing up in Australia, who were some of your inspirations?

Some of biggest Inspirations growing up were Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jordan and my twin brother who is also an actor.
What kind of training have you had, if any?
The training I have had, has been a rigorous and challenging full time program at Stella Adler in Los Angeles. It consists of over many different classes from technique to scene study and play production and taught by award winning teachers and directors.
What has been your favorite role to play s far and why?
My favorite role I have played to date, was a scene from closer at the Stella Adler theatre. It was an electric scene in front of a live audience that was truly special.
What has been your biggest achievement or award so far, in your career?
My biggest achievement so far, was working alongside Academy award nominated movie star James Franco in a movie called Don Quixote. Also, playing the lead character Ben Joseph in a play titled “after the revolution” directed by Academy award winner Milton Justice.
What type of projects do you have coming up?
Currently I am involved in an upcoming play at a popular theatre in Hollywood. I am also playing the lead in a feature film titled “Risk” which begins filming next month.
Who would you say would be your ideal co-star and why?
My ideal co-star I would like to work next to would be Christian Bale. An amazingly talented actor who has played roles in multiple genres. He seems to be the best actor of this generation and a big inspiration of mine.
What are your plans for the future?
My plans for the short term are to complete my studies at Stella Adler in Los Angeles and to develop two short films I am currently writing. My long term plan is to continue with a successful acting career in Hollywood and around the world.
What is your advice to aspiring actors and entertainers wanting to get into the industry?
My advice to aspiring actors and entertainers is to follow your dreams and make sure to back yourself! My motto is if they can put a man on the moon, I can be a successful actor.