Australia’s very own Leigh Smith, in a league of his own

The incredible talent of our very own, Leigh Smith
The incredible talent of our very own, Leigh Smith

Leigh Smith is an incredible actor worthy of his accomplishments.  He has studied at The Australian Film and Television Academy (TAFTA).  While studying there he studied under some of the best directors, casting directors, and other professionals in the business.  He also has done workshops at the Stella Adler Academy (Los Angeles) and worked with professionals through the “Walt Disney World Academic Exchange Program”.

Leigh Smith is not only a student in acting, he is also a great teacher.  He is an active Talent Coach and Mentor at the International and National New Faces Talent Academy, where he was just inaugurated as the Talent Director for the academy.  He mentors and develops the talent of New Faces Talent Academy to help them compete both in Australia, Los Angeles and New York. Recently, Leigh Smith had the honor of being invited to the International Presentation of Performers (iPOP) in Los Angeles in 2014 where he himself competed and won multiple awards and recognition.

Whilst he was here as he was also personally asked so Host the event including the “Make Your Mark” Children’s Showcase which was directed by Scott Calcagno who is associated in the direction of the Lion King on Broadway.

Leigh Smith has gained experience and recognition in his acting career and this continues to grow.  He has been a prominent lead in shows such as Media Strikes Back.  He has also been in several corporate commercial concepts as well as experience on Neighbors and Winners and Losers, plusother promotional work. Most recently he has been cast as a lead in two TV pilot episode concepts in Australia both Vent and Raising Harry are in pre production and will shoot in the near future.

Leigh Smith is constantly working to further his career as an actor and to broaden his knowledge in the business.  He has recently been auditioning for major projects, including leading roles, on Cartoon Network, Nickeloden, Warner Brothers, and ABC. He also continues to remain involved in upcoming projects both nationally and internationally. Leigh Smith will soon be all over television networks and commercials.  Keep an out for this amazingly talented Aussie star, Leigh Smith.