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When Vanity Kills
When Vanity Kills

When Vanity Kills is based in the pacific north-west in the USA and they call Portland, Oregon home. The band members have varied backgrounds and perhaps that seems to be the secret of bringing out the best in each other as songwriters. As for their unique image, it may catch your attention but the music holds you.

The vocals and music will not disappoint but visit their website and listen for yourself and buy your favorites…decisions, decisions, decisions. You’ll also find a variety of videos, including some live performances and in studio. There’s even an acoustic of The Harold Song by Kesha. The band is definitely in touch with its fans and vice versa.

“When Vanity Kills isn’t about egos or spotlights. It’s about quality musicians delivering their messages to fans. We consider everyone beautiful…but no one is ever too pretty to kill.” WVK

They’re about set off on a summer tour, so their fans will no doubt appreciate that. A good stage presence is a must for touring artists and WVK has it. The band has been gaining momentum this year, so go ahead, and join them for the ride. It’s been non-stop for them since the year began and there is no sign of slowing down. After attending the annual international music trade show in January called the Winter NAMM Show, they embarked on a radio tour in the spring and now the summer tour, and all that is great news for music lovers!


Contact Information:

Zachary Cortes PR

Los Angeles, California

(310) 560-5034