Getting to Know Actress Karina Diglyte

The show stopping Karina Diglyte
The show stopping Karina Diglyte

Karina Diglyte continues to illuminate the acting industry with her beautiful looks, tallness and acting expertise. However, who exactly is the brain behind the beautiful and talented actress? Sitting down with the actress, Karina made a favorable impression with her warm, subtle tone that made the conversation flow effortlessly. As talented as the actress is, she remains humble about her accomplishments in her acting career thus far and her goal is to continue pursuing further with her acting. The inspirations behind the actress was really admirable when asked.

“I love Meg Ryan, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts… all their films made an impact on me. I love European cinema, but American movies are my favorite. Shawshank redemption, Shindlers list, to name a few.” Less than surprising since the actress shows her influences from each of these actors and actresses through her acting. Instead of encompassing one person, Karina Diglyte wanted to encompass multiple people within her acting.

She will also appear in BAFTA award winning Simon Giles debut film, where Karina plays a lead critical role of Nina Roden. The film is produced by BAFTA winner Alan Church. Karina has also won rave reviews at Cannes underground film festival for her lead critical role in the film Fourever. Fourever was officially selected to premiere in Raindance film festival,where it was nominated for BIFA award.  Karina will then be playing one of the main roles in feature film “Being there”, produced by BAFTA nominated and award winning Barry Navidi (Merchant of Venice, Salome) the lead part in this production played by the infamous Al Pacino.

Karina Diglyte received her first big acting break in film Zohra, which won a UK Film Council Race in Media Award, by BBC, the Comitee of Racial Equality and Kevin Spacey, also the Woman in Film Tongues on Fire Award. Featured in films such as Fourever, Venus de Boticelli, Morning tea, Can flowers grow from concrete?, Mandala, Intoxicated,The Flood and ILL Manors, the actress has continued to use her influences and coaching to create these characters and so many more.

However, what is the actress up to now and does she have any new projects in the work? “I have been cast in a few lead roles in a few feature films this year, I am about to shoot British Thriller “Intoxicated”, which has been developed out of short film I starred in as a lead role of Amy, directed by Commercial director Rishi Opel, responded Karina delightfully.  Also, I am cast in a movie, called “Fathers day”, produced by TV4 head of entertainment and film producer Paul Duddridge in Los Angeles and I have a lead part in the feature film “Undercut”, which is going to be shot in Los Angeles this year as well.”

With such amazing and exciting opportunities, we look forward to seeing this actress in each of her upcoming projects, as she makes a splash in the acting world even more.