An actress from very humble beginnings, Australia’s Esther Eden

Esther Eden in "An Ideal Husband"
Esther Eden in “An Ideal Husband”

The performance genius that is Esther Eden sprung from humble beginnings in Dubbo, Australia. The performing arts took “center stage” in Esther’s family and was nothing short of inspired by not only her mother, a dancer in her youth, but also her older brother and sister, who were also heavily enthralled with creative prowess. She was encouraged in taking part and engaging in many activities including violin, piano, singing, ballet, gymnastics and drama lessons.

The theater bug bit Esther at the young age of three; She watched her first theatrical production, which was the story of the Von Trapp family, in The Sound of Music. Who else but her mother noticed right away her interest in theater and her incredible knack for acting and enrolled Esther in to drama classes. Not too long after, Esther was performing in local productions and at the age of fifteen was cast in her first feature film Torn Together which was co-directed by Ryan Osmond, who has since gone on to work on multiple productions such as, the new Mad Max: Fury Road and new sci-fi thriller Infini.

Enough is never enough for Esther Eden, who after graduating from prestigious screen-acting school Screenwise was poached by a London theatrical agent and moved to London to pursue her acting career and has since worked on numerous short films and theatrical productions including a theatrical tour of The Snow Queen in which she played multiple roles including the leading role of the Snow Queen herself, touring throughout Scotland and the north of England, and has now agreed to work with Demand Horror as one of their recurring Scream Queens, Esther added that she’ll be working in many of their upcoming productions in leading roles, which includes a web series titled Until Dead plus a feature film, Selfie.

If you think that’s it for Esther, you are mistaken. In addition to her current projects, she has been a long time leading resident company actor of The 313 Show, a comedy podcast in which she voices many of their sketches, and now performs with them in live sketch shows. Her dry and at times black humor and unique quirky comedic edge has contributed to the success of the podcast and the live shows, which has resulted in the company being asked to perform at the Kingston Comedy Festival and at renowned comedy venues such as The Canal Cafe and The Cavendish.

Esther Eden was also requested by the director of ScAIRcrows ​to take part in his feature film Dead Love, ​to play the role of Kaitlin. To no one’s surprise, he was so very impressed by Esther’s talented contribution to the role of Andie in ScAIRcrows, ​that he adapted the role of Kaitlin in Dead Love with her in mind. The film is presently is in post production and also features horror cult figures Emily Booth and Lloyd Kaufman and is due out this year where it will be submitted to the festival circuit.

Esther also recently admitted to another feature in the pipeline, she was recently asked by fellow The 313 Show actor and director Colin Swinn to play Lady Macbeth in a new film adaptation he is developing.

Not bad for a girl from a small country town!