Catching up with the beautiful, humble and talented Sarah Marissa Wullinger in Hollywood

The incredible talent of Sarah Marissa Wullinger
The incredible talent of Sarah Marissa Wullinger

It was so much fun and positive energy when we recently caught up with the amazing Sarah Marissa Wullinger. Here, she got us caught up to date with what she’s been up to over the last few years when we last interviewed her.

How far do you feel you have come from a few years ago when you first arrived in LA? What have you learned the most?

I just wanted to thank you first and foremost for once again asking me to do this interview with you.

I’ve done a lot of ground work, from finishing my movie with my sister, somehow I’ve done quite a number of phone related commercials, an underwater music video, booked a lead in a horror film and an have been cast as a lead in a thriller which should be in production by this year, or early next. However, I think the biggest part about how far I have come has been in what I’ve learned the most. I’ve come to understand that what is always pushing me forward is a need for my work to be better than the last time. Every time I work, I feel like I haven’t gotten as far as I wanted to go. I’ve learned to validate the reasons why I want everything to be better is the fact that I want to live up to my hindsight. But in that hindsight, the parts about the characters that I’m not satisfied with, are the things that drive me to develop my craft even further.

How have you remained so grounded and not stressed out in an industry like Hollywood?

If you want to call putting my heart and soul, sweat and tears, life and future into a dream where I can be a doctor, an astronaut, a pilot, a child, a mother or a rabbi with the hope of changing people’s lives, or their thought process in an hour and a half…well if you want to call that grounded and not stressed out, then I’ll take it.

How do you find California Compared to where you grew up?

California is very different from where I grew up. When I look out of my window from my families house in Germany, all I see is a bunch of cows. Here in LA, I get to see Spider Man dancing with Michael Jackson in front of the Chinese theatre.

Have you found it difficult to transition into the LA lifestyle?

As the initial star power of Los Angeles faded due to the media painting such a glamorous picture of it, I found it to be a bit ugly. But as I got to know more American’s I fell in love with it as they are so open, and caring, and inspiring. I’ve been invited every year to Thanksgivings and Christmases which has made the transition really easy, even though of course I miss my family.

What are some of the most important things to do and remember as an actress in LA?

Some of the most important things to remember as an actress I feel, are just to stay true to yourself and your own goals and don’t let anyone do construction work on them.

It’s important to understand that it’s a bit of a numbers game. The more auditions, the higher the chance of callbacks and bookings. The more you put in, the more you get out. There’s always some aspect of the industry that you can take control of. If you can’t get an audition, make your own movie. Shoot a web series, it’s not illegal to do your own thing. I don’t know why people don’t just do their own thing when they can’t get an audition.

Tell us about some of the films you have done and which one was your highlight?

I’ve shot an Ad for Sprint with the wonderful Tim Cole who’s one of the loveliest and most talented directors/ photographers that I’ve had the pleasure to work with. I also did a lifestyle shoot with him after that. Ive definitely been on some adventurous film sets.

A recent highlight is a film called the “Perception of Art” which will be hitting the film festival circuit very soon.  It’s an inspiring movie about the relationship between a young and feisty cleaning lady who is mistakenly entrenched in a spoiled and struggling painter’s life who would prefer to be a comic artist. He then becomes famous all because of a simple misunderstanding, and a mop bucket, It’s both dramatic and really hilarious.

Which character was your favorite to play so far?

I’m going to have to say in-between my voice over videos of Aaron Paul’s Breaking Bad character Jesse Pinkman saying “bitch” that I send my to friends  and the Rabbi in Tony Kushner’s “Angels in America”.

Tell us what keeps you most humble and sane?

Getting beat up the hill on Runyon Canyon, how expensive it is to rent a Porsche and the fact that my fridge doesn’t work properly. Honestly though it’s the work, once you’ve booked the job everything is normal and great, your heart sighs, you get to be yourself, get to put yourself into your art, you get to be a part of your dream and the next day you wake up and you don’t have a job. It’s humbling, and very grounding.

Is there anyone special in your life at the moment that you would like to mention to your adoring fans?

Right now… Well, Meryl Streep and what she is doing with the Writers Lab, and whoever is knee deep in the dust, working past exhaustion, and being a hero right now in Nepal. They need our support, our prayers, and if you’re an atheist – donations.

What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

The next thing you’ll see me in is “Perception of Art” and then I’ll be filming a thriller which is currently in post production. There’s also commercials such as EXOFAB (a stick on glass iphone case) which was tons of fun to shoot and was mentioned in Variety during the Academy Awards. I’ve got two feature films coming up of which one of them shoots in Europe so that’s pretty exciting for me. I’m also working on my “baby” my feature film script, which I’m hoping to finish soon, get funded and cast.

And of course I will never cease to continue making Jessie Pinkman videos on Dubsmash!