The immense talent of actress Blioux Kirkby

Actress Blioux Kirkby
Actress Blioux Kirkby

A talent like Blioux Kirkby is unlike any other. Taking London by storm, she appeared in a plethora of theatre productions and short films. Her range is impeccable and her ability to captivate an audience is nothing short of awe inspiring.
As a child, Blioux nurtured both a vivid imagination and an ever evolving creative outlook that would only blossom and grow, while growing up in London, surrounded by artists and musicians that shared her very same creative prowess.

From a young age, Blioux fostered a love for the theatre and performing. Not only did she form a theatre club at school for younger students, she then took it upon herself to direct a “Shakespeare for Schools Festival” a first prize-winning, production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. As you can imagine, that was just the beginning. She then was awarded a scholarship to the UK’s most prestigious performing arts school, “ARTS EDUCATIONAL” at the tender age of only 18. Arts Educational (ArtsEd) trained Blioux in every imaginable aspect of performing arts.

She flourished! She mastered everything; from stage combat to camera work. Stand up comedy, to the Alexander technique and, of course, singing and dancing. Blioux is 100% focused on her career and adding to her achievements and she is equally as dedicated to improving her performance techniques to assist her along the way. Blioux thoroughly enjoys her training in contemporary dance at the LABAN Centre, while also modeling and practicing the art of burlesque.

Thanks to her educational training Blioux has done nothing but shine in all of her productions and achievements. As If that wasn’t enough, she is also a professional singer, performing regularly at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK. Making her transition to the United States has not slowed down Blioux one bit. She’s appeared in several movies, including “I DO”, “Rewind”, and Private Smith.

A talent like Blioux Kirkby is unmatched and her success at the top continues to grow.