‘Perception-ism’ – The One-Woman Show Featuring Sharla Smith

The capturing Sharla Smith
The capturing Sharla Smith

It’s fascinating trying to find the best shows to go to, especially with there being so many places to go. Some of the performances are bad, mediocre and, every once in a while, great.

Perception-ism fits into the “great” category. Featuring actress Sharla Smith (well-known for her roles as Ruby in the stage play My Big Little Sister, commercial in Special K and many other short films and theater performances), Smith creates a one-woman show featuring 3 characters.

Each of the characters has a different personality and persona that Sharla Smith must take on as she continues through the stage show.

First featured at the US Solo festival located in New York City in 2014, Perception-ism took the crows breath away as the actress got more in depth with her scene and play.

The play was such a success that Sharla Smith had an opening in London to perform it in 2013 at Talawa, as well.

The Inspiration behind the Play

Sharla wanted to feature a play that took the roles and experiences of very different people. As she continues through her acting career, Sharla wants to pursue her acting career with the highest excitement possible.

During this phase of her career, Sharla wants to tell stories from other’s perspectives to help give her new perspective on life. Each character differs dramatically as they tell their story from their perception.

The play was successful because of the advanced perception each character had. As the audience members watch, they felt the emotions from each perception, giving guidance to the idea that even though we are all human, we are all very different with our ways of thinking and reacting.

It’s amazing for any actor to be able to capture three different characters so effectively, but Sharla continues to make ripples in the acting world with performances such as the one in Perception-ism, which will be featured in London this year.

If you enjoy plays and are in the area, go check out Sharla Smith’s one-woman show and feel the passion as she continues through her play from one character to the next.