Actor Alejandro Arzciat Speaks on His Role in Film East Side Sushi

Alejandro Arzciat in East side Sushi
Alejandro Arzciat in East side Sushi

When it comes to looking for roles that challenge and seizing opportunities whenever they might arise, Alejandro Arzciat is up to it and finds them anywhere.

Working on such opportunities, Alejandro Arzciat was excited when he was invited to play a small role in the film East Side Sushi, which has gained much acclaim so far – especially in film festivals including CAAM Fest, Miami International Film Festival and Napa Valley Film Festival.

The film revolves around the life of a woman who is taking care of her aging father and younger daughter. After facing a horrible robbery on her family’s fruit stand, main character Juana Martinez finds a new job at a local Japanese restaurant.

Her growing interest and talent with sushi begins to emerge throughout the film. Possessing the qualities of being an excellent sushi chef, the restaurant owner refuses to provide her with a job as a sushi chef since she doesn’t possess the “traditional” qualities of a sushi chef.

Juana finds inspiration and goes into a sushi contest where she must prove herself as one of the best sushi chefs to her employer.

The film takes a life of its own and continues to gain more acclaim as it features in additional upcoming film festivals.

Alejandro told us that he was happy to be invited to go to Oakland to shoot his part. While the role is a small one, he was satisfied to be working under the guidance of director Anthony Lucero.

“…it was wonderful to be part of it and being invited to shoot in Oakland, and how wonderful the crew and production were,” Alejandro says as he reminisces on the experience.

Find out more about the film East Side Sushi in the upcoming Hola Mexico in LA film festival this May.