Getting an Inside Look at Award-Winning Filmmaker, Valerie Ratner

"Sylvie" by Valerie Ratner
“Sylvie” by Valerie Ratner

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Valerie Ratner knew she was destined for great things when she was born. Having produced and directed several award-winning movies and commercials including “Sylvie”, “The Yellow Card” and a Nintendo Wii Spec Commercial, Valerie is not making an attempt to stop anytime soon. “My imagination inspired me to become a filmmaker,” says Valerie, “My purpose is to turn the worlds of my imagination into a reality.”

After producing her first film, “Sylvie”, the film received rave reviews. The film received distribution and Valerie was invited to participate in several festivals around the world. Since the success of her first film, Valerie continues to make successful films and commercials. Her most well-known commercial was a Nintendo Wii Spec Commercial that received multiple awards for her imagination and creativity.

Moving forward, Valerie will continue to add onto her potential as a filmmaker. Currently, she is in the works with another commercial. “At the moment, I am developing an environmental commercial for the sake of our planet,” Valerie explains. “It’s visually stunning with hyper realistic images.”

This is a commercial worth seeing, and we anticipate Valerie Ratner will use her imagination and creativity to create it beautifully and memorably. Valerie is also working on writing two feature screenplays, both of which are in the early stages of development. However, this starlet says she is ready to get her projects on the big screen in the next year or two.