Starlet, Nadine Van Asbeck, Features Her New Web Series with Hilarious Character “Betty Bordeaux”

Nadine Van Asbeck to star in the upcoming Freddie Mercury movie
Nadine Van Asbeck to star in the upcoming Freddie Mercury movie

Amsterdam Starlet, Nadine Van Asbeck never stops impressing with her hilarious, awe-inspiring characters on stage and in films. Known for her role in the popular Dutch TV-show, ‘A’dam & E.V.A.’, as the mentally challenged teenager Shelley Vlaskip and lead in Bob Dylan’s music video, Like a Rolling Stone, Nadine is a star in the acting scene.

After recently featuring in theaters around New York City as Touchstone in Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’ directed by Jason Little and as Lady Bracknell in ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’, directed by Tom Oppenheim, Stella Adler’s grandson, Nadine is now taking her career to new heights, including her newly established web series, ‘The Turbulent Whereabouts of Betty Bordeaux‘.

Featuring as a high-class British celebrity, Nadine nails the humor within her web series. Currently featuring six episodes, with characters such as Danny Brick and Lolo Flanel, her featured partners in two episodes, make you feel every emotion from the hilarious scenes to emotional in-depth “interview-style” questions and answers.

When asked about her inspiration behind characters such as Betty Bordeaux and Danny Brick, Nadine uncovers her true motivation behind her acting career. ”When growing up my parents were big fans of Laurel & Hardy, Charlie Chaplin, Absolutely Fabulous and Louis Des Funès,” says Van Asbeck, ” I loved their silliness and finding the drama in comedy.”

Adding both of these elements in her web series, Nadine prides her features in the Betty Bordeaux web series. “Now creating my web series ‘The Turbulent Whereabouts of Betty Bordeaux’ I find that these early influences are ingrained in my being.”

With such inspiring idols, Nadine will continue to grow her acting career with limitless possibilities. Already rehearsing for her next off-Broadway theater play about Vincent Van Gogh, Nadine is an actress to lookout for now.