Actor Anwar Lynch lives his life by one quote “If you want to do it, do it!”

Actor Anwar Lynch heading to Hollywood
Actor Anwar Lynch heading to Hollywood

Versatile and naturally talented actor Anwar Lynch is known for both his television roles such as Gareth Clay on ITV’s “Collision”, Clinton Andrews in “The Bill”, and Wayne in “Sleepless Nights”, as well as his stage performances, including his stunning Caleb in “House of Agnes” and the well-received “Safe” as Jermaine.

Watching Anwar perform, his fluid and true to life character recreations are masterful. He has studied and mastered the art of improvisation and narration in conjunction with Shakespearean and method acting, which lends him a more natural and spontaneous style that tends to be lost on over-trained actors. Lynch is also highly skilled in football, pool, running, and tennis, giving him an athletic and fit edge over the competition. He is currently represented by The Braidford Willoughby Hutton company in the UK and is looking to share his gifts with the United States, a natural move for someone of his caliber.

Anwar lives his life by one quote “If you want to do it, do it!”

His favorite role to date is Rene, from the short film “Much Ado About a Minor Ting” which was a chase movie and earns him recognition to this day, whether it is being stopped on the street or questioned by directors. If you’re looking for the next big thing to wow American audiences, choose Anwar Lynch: his effortless style, natural talent, and versatility are sure to turn any script into the next big hit.