Production Designer Ayaka Kuramoto

Ayaka Kuramoto on set
Ayaka Kuramoto on set

The brilliant and beautiful Los Angeles based Production Designer Ayaka Kuramoto works with many mediums such as: short film, web-series, and even feature length films. She is also capable of speaking in both English and Japanese with a working understanding of Korean, building sets for the myriad genres which the film industry offers to its fans.

A highly determined and abstract thinker, Ayaka has the ability to bring an inspiring smile to every set she finds herself on while also finding ways to save budget on production design. Part of her talent is naturally given, but some of it comes from her time spent at the prestigious New York Film Academy, where she studied Filmmaking and some of it is from the wonderful UCLA extension program, where she studied Interior Design.

In addition to her pursuits in Production Design, Ayaka has worked as Art Director, Property Master, and as a Set Decorator. As a child her favorite film was “Peter Pan” and fantasy: her favorite genre. It was when she realized that there was someone behind the set making that she found her calling. She is also able to use InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Creative Suite to accomplish goals set by herself and all the productions she works for.

Kuramoto’s work is available on the website Youtube and comes highly recommended, keep an eye out for any work with Ayaka Kuramoto’s name attached to it as it’s sure to be as brilliant as the designer behind it.